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What’s your courage quotient?
By Rosanne Tolin

Judah Maccabee and his brothers organized a small group of soldiers that defeated a much bigger Syrian army. Their strong faith in one God helped make them powerful. So when you’re feeling weak or nervous, what makes you brave? Find out your courage quotient by answering the questions in this quiz.

  1. The school science fair is coming up. You’re doing an awesome experiment and already have your hypothesis on poster board. But your teacher just told you that you have to give an oral presentation as well. You:

    a. Get totally psyched. You LOVE speaking in front of a group. After all, what other time do you get that much attention from your classmates and teacher?

    b. Feel nervous about it, but get down to business. You figure practicing at home first will be a really big help.

    c. Can’t deal with the assignment. Being in front of an audience isn’t your thing, so you think of calling in sick to school that day instead.

  2. You’ve been working hard at swim practice all season, and finally made it to the state meet. It’s the day of your favorite event—the 100 yard butterfly. But butterflies are exactly what you’re feeling, and you don’t know if you can swim your best. You:

    a. Shrug off the nerves and chow down on a carb-packed breakfast of oatmeal and bananas. It’s fuel for the pool, baby!

    b. Do some stretches and take several deep breaths to calm your nerves. Then pray for the perfect swim.

    c. Skip breakfast—you’re too scared to eat—and worry that you’re going to get totally creamed in this race.

  3. Your horse-loving friend invites you to her farm. But you have a secret fear of BIG four-legged creatures. You:

    a. Accept the invitation and face the equines head-on. Saddle up, you’re going for a ride!

    b. Talk to your friend first about your fear. She agrees to personally introduce you to her furry pals. After a bit of brushing and grooming, you agree they’re pretty cool to be around.

    c. Tell her you can’t go to the stables. You need to finish the last six stitches on your needlepoint.

  4. It’s two days after your twelfth birthday, and your mom leaves you home alone. She’ll be back in a half hour. You’re anxious about being in a big house by yourself. You:

    a.  Make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (without mom’s help!) and call a friend. Hey, this is the good life.

    b. Put on your i-Pod and jam. The music helps to keep you calm.

    c.  Dial your mom’s cell phone number every five minutes to check in. You’re hearing weird noises and you’re sure it’s a robber.

  5. Your music teacher suggests you join the choir. But singing for other people (instead of in the shower!) is a totally new experience. You:

    a. Show up early to the first practice and introduce yourself to the other choir members. You’re sure they’ll be your new best friends.

    b. Decide to join the choir when you realize there’s no solos involved. One step…er, note…at a time.

    c. Remind your teacher you have a terrible voice. How could she want someone who sings like a frog?


If you answered mostly “a”s:
  Congrats. Your courage quotient is a perfect 10. Like the Maccabees, you’re not afraid to fail. You know that hard work and believing in yourself goes a long way toward achieving your goals.

If you answered mostly “b”s:  Good job! Being brave doesn’t always come easy, but you know the right things to do when you’re feeling scared. Keep a positive outlook, and things will get easier over time.

If you answered mostly “c”s”:  Face it. Your fears, that is. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on tons of fun and rewarding experiences. Practice will help boost your self confidence. Taking deep breaths and visualizing your success will also help when you’re anxious. Even praying to God will give you extra strength to try new stuff.